TEKS aligned Dual Language programs for Texas

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  • Students develop full biliteracy by working in both languages across all content areas

  • Educators can tailor the learning paths to the level and learning style of every student

  • Whether in Spanish or English, assign relevant and in-level material to your students at the time they need it the most

  • Teachers can formatively assess their students on each readiness and supporting standard

  • Our reports assess how students are progressing on conceptual understanding, in both English and Spanish

  • Students and teachers can work at home or at school on their laptops, iPads and other mobile devices

STAAR Ready Subjects in SPANISH

STAAR Ready Subjects in ENGLISH

Supplemental Reading Materials

Learning a Foreign Language Elementary

Learning a Foreign Language PK-K





  • I really enjoyed using the program because it provided the support needed for the STAAR testing. Students are exposed to all different types of text and topics. They all enjoyed working on it! I also liked that we can target English, Math and Science, which are areas that students get tested on. I am very interested on keeping this program for our students. Anyone can benefit, ELL or not. I’m already looking forward to see the material for 6th grade.
    Maria Inés Treviño, M.A. ESL & Span Language Enrichment Teacher B104 Fossum MS

  • Mambo Education helped me a lot in Math and Reading. The reading passages were very interesting! Asael Briones 6th

  • Estuvo bien, pues me ayudó en el examen porque apenas estoy aprendiendo inglés. Pedro Flores 7th

  • Mambo Education is a good program because it helped me to do well in some classes like ELA and Math. Ernesto Lugo 7th

  • Mambo Education helped me not only in the test, but in my Math and ELA classes.
    Jose Perez 6th

  • Mambo Education helped me in my classes and to get prepared for testing. I liked the passages about history and the poems. Diana Luna 7th

  • I like to use Mambo because it helps me learn everything so much better. I get to use it in school when I get pulled-out. The stories are good and they get harder and harder the more levels you go to. The stories are awesome!
    Gema Lopez 7th

  • I like to use Mambo Education because it really fixed my grammar. It also helped me with my Math. I hope I get to use it next year because it was fun and it really helped me out.
    Clarissa Rodríguez 7th

  • I like to use Mambo and I like the way it works because it helped me improve my grammar. I like that you can do Math and other subjects to learn. I like the way it gives you two more opportunities to improve your grade when you finish the test and then they add up the grades and they give you the overall grade of all three.
    Gabriel Galván 8th

  • I think Mambo is a good program because it helps us review before the STAAR. It also helps us understand all Reading and Grammar. The good thing is that it gives us 3 chances to pass the review. Obviously they're not gonna let us do that during STAAR, but we get to review and get better at reading, math, science, and writing. If we have a problem understanding something, Mambo Education can really help us in anything! I really want to continue using this program next year so I can get better and better every single day. Thanks to Mambo, I was able to pass all my tests! Fátima Amezquita 7th


Created by professional bilingual educators from Texas with over 150 years of combined experience, The Mambo Team of Specialists have carefully developed the most innovative, comprehensive and differentiated cloud-based instructional program for English Language Learners. Mambo is completely aligned to the TEKS and it is designed to provide immediate feedback as students prepare for the STAAR exams in all subject areas in both, English and Spanish.